Independent Financial Monitoring

ecc provide a full range of Financial Monitoring Services for Banking Institutions which are specifically tailored to suit and enable Clients to obtain value for money.  These services include:

Initial Due Diligence Report

•    Assessment of the Developer’s Development Budget, to establish the profitability.

•    Appraisal of the roles of the Developer’s team and their fees.

•    Appraisal of the Developer’s Cost Plan.

•    Appraisal of the Contract Sum.

•    Commentary on the contract documents and contract conditions.

•    Review of the collateral warranties.

•    Commentary on the planning conditions.

•    Analyse the contractor’s programme.

•    Review of the tender report.

•    Commentary on the contract insurances, homebond cover etc.

•    Review the loan conditions and structure.

•    Highlight any potential risks to the bank.

On-Site Monitoring Reports

•    Monitor progress on site.

•    Appraisal of the Developer’s cost reports.

•    Appraisal of the value of Interim Payment Certificates versus work complete on site.

•    Commentary on the value of variations and projected final account.

•    Planning condition compliance.

•    Appraisal of value of work remaining to be done.

•    Highlight any potential risks to the Bank.