Site Appraisal

ecc provide valuable advice to their Clients on Site Appraisals and the selection of suitable sites. These services include:

•    Visits to site to determine suitability for development.

•    Study of the existing land zoning to determine possible uses.

•    Examine potential cost factors on sites; i.e. demolition, site contours, abnormal ground conditions,
     neighbouring buildings, ground contamination etc.

•    Prepare Feasibility Studies for potential uses on the site, prior to site purchase.

•    Feasibility Studies will assist in determining the optimum site purchase price.

•    Assess the projected profitability of potential uses for the site.

•    Determine the most rewarding densities for the site.

•    Co-ordinate the preparation of re-zoning applications for inclusion in Local Authority
     Development Plans.

•    Co-ordinate the preparation of Master Planning of sites.